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Litrouvio extra virgin olive oil from region of Elis boasts an exceptional taste, color, flavor and texture. Olives are harvesting from privately
owned farming land and contracted farms. The olive oil production takes place in modern, certified and approved by us olive press manufactures.
​Product standardization undertaken by the Greek company LIVANOS FOODS.


Τhe litrouvio ​products are exported worldwide.Ilia extra virgin olive oil is available in packages of various sizes. The secret of our success is our love for oil and its production process. For years, we have offered extra virgin olive oil that stands out for its beneficial properties, as well as its amazing taste. Its difference to other similar products is its place of origin, our technical knowledge, but also the Koroneiki olive variety from which our oil is produced.

Oil was "solid liquid gold" according to Homer and "the great Healer" according to Hippocrates. With our products, we aspire to make the importance and high nutritional value of olive oil better known. At the same time, we wish to emphasize the great historical importance of the olive tree and share with you information about the production and the methods we use to create Ilia extra virgin olive oil that stands out from the rest.



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